Oddities: Masks

Oddities : Masks

In the mid-1990’s, I made and sold masks. It proved to be a very labor-intensive process, one that I didn’t have time to pursue once my graphic design company took off, so I don’t do it anymore except for special/personal reasons. This is a gallery of the masks I’ve made.

  • devileyez69

    i am wondering if you are selling your masks as i am wanting a cat mask for larp ( live action role play )if you are willing to sell your masks can you please let me know how to go about buying one. rob.

  • http://www.chadsavage.com Chad

    Sorry, no – I haven’t made masks in nearly 20 years. This gallery is just to show the few that I made in the early 1990’s.

  • devileyez69

    Would you be willing to make two cats masks as me and my friend have fell in love with your design. Please just let me know how much as we are willing to buy them off you. Rob.

  • http://www.chadsavage.com Chad

    Again, sorry, no – I have neither the materials necessary nor the time anymore. I’m flattered, though!

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