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New Painting: Lurking for Ichabod

Lurking for Ichabod

You always see the Headless Horseman portrayed as he’s attacking, rearing up and mighty on his steed… but what does he do when nobody’s around? He lurks. And chats with his horse and his jack o’ lantern. I like to think he’s in the middle of a good Knock Knock joke, here…

MF Gallery’s 13th Annual Halloween Art Show, New York

MF Gallery's 13th Annual Halloween Art Show

I’m very pleased to say I’ll have artwork in MF Gallery’s 13th Annual Halloween Art Show this year. The opening is on Saturday, October 24th and it’s a costume party. MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Str. in Brooklyn, NY. Facebook Event Page: Full event info: MF Gallery website:

Halloween Saints 4: Sammi Curr #InkTober

Halloween Saints: Sammi Curr

For Halloween Saint #4 I had to go with one of my all-time favorites, Sammi Curr from the 1986 rock ‘n’ roll Halloween cautionary tale Trick or Treat. I saw that movie in Los Angeles in a theater full of hair metalheads and have watched it every October since it was released to video a… Read more »

Halloween Saints 3: Mr. Dark #InkTober

For my 3rd Halloween Saint, I had to go with the leader of the Autumn People himself, Mr. Dark from Ray Bradbury’s classic “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. My version of the Illustrated Man (at least in the sketch phase) inexplicably bears a resemblance to Dave Navarro (according to my wife); I also had in… Read more »

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