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Where do you get your ideas?

Here’s a tip: Creative people HATE that question. HATE it. It takes 6 words to ask and simply cannot be effectively answered.

Or, to quote Stephen King:

“I DON’T KNOW where I get my ideas, and if I did, do you think I’d tell YOU? They’ve been pretty good to ME!”


No. I get requests on a daily basis from people either wanting me to send them original artwork (!?!), or wanting scans to print out and put on their binders/lockers/CD cases/whatever. I can’t say yes to some and no to others, and I certainly can’t say yes to everybody (I’d be doing nothing but sending files and running to the post office), so I have to say a global “no”.

BUT, I *sell* my work, and I’m available for commission. If you’re interested, contact me to tell me about what you’re looking for. You can also visit my Dark Art Store.

What is copyright? Can’t I use one of your images on my website?

Copyright is legal protection for creative people, and covers any original work one creates. In my case, my artwork and graphics are copyrighted, so I have sole say-so as to how they are used.

Since my livelihood is entirely based on the images I create, I’m afraid I can’t hand it out for free. You wouldn’t ask a baker for free muffins or a carpenter for free cabinets; please don’t ask me for free art/design/graphics.

Can I use some of your artwork for web graphics, signature graphics, stationary, e-cards, icons, avatars, etc.?

Probably not, but if you’re positive that what you want to do is truly unique, interesting, unusual, or that I’ll just dig it, email me and ask. Can’t hurt, and I’ve said yes to a few things…

That said, you are more than welcome to post my artwork on your own social media account, as long as you tag and credit me!

If I purchase a print or an original, can I reproduce it and sell the image on other products (prints, cards, cross-stitch designs, address labels, t-shirts, crafts, etc.)?

No. You may own the artwork or a print of the artwork, but I retain the copyright and by now you should be able to guess why I won’t permit this sort of thing.

Can I use one of your images for a tattoo?

You can get one of my images tattooed on you, provided you send me a photo when it’s done. Commercial tattoo artists may NOT sell my artwork or images incorporating my artwork without discussing it with me first.

Can I use any of the thumbnails, background or title graphics from your site on my own website?

Nope. The original graphics on this site are what make it original. If I let you use them, then I stop being original. I don’t want to stop being original.

What is hot-linking and why is it bad?

When you link directly to an image on MY server, that’s hot-linking, and it’s bad because you’re using up my server bandwidth. Kind of like driving somebody else’s car and not having the courtesy to fill up the tank. The only images on this site you should be linking to AT ALL are link graphics, and you should download those to your own server.

What do I do if I see someone violating your copyright and usage policies?

Please email me and give me the URL of the offending site/party.

What if I want to use your artwork for something that’s not listed in your rules?

Email me and ask.

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