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All art prints are signed and numbered, printed using archival-quality inks on acid-free paper. Almost all the artwork on this site is available in the 8″ x 10″ size; for larger prints, artwork is printed at either 11″ x 14″ or 13″ x 19″, depending on which format the artwork in question fits better.

If you happen to choose a piece that isn’t available in the size or format requested, you’ll have the option to choose a different piece, or your money will simply be refunded to you.

If you’d like your art print to be personalized, simply email Chad Savage after your purchase at [email protected] with the inscription you’d like added.

To purchase a print, you can go through my store at BigCartel.com, or use the purchase buttons in the sidebar on the right.

Original Artwork

Chad Savage sells his original artwork and creations via Etsy.com.

Unsigned Art Prints & Additional Products: Society6.com

Get a variety of customizable products featuring the artwork of Chad Savage, such as:


Unsigned Art Prints & Additional Products: RedBubble.com


This online store in particular features art and designs for the Cult of the Great Pumpkin as:


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How to Purchase Art

Original artwork can be purchased HERE.

Signed/Numbered Limited Edition Prints can be purchased HERE, or using the method below:

To purchase a signed & numbered art print by Chad Savage, simply enter the title of the piece you want (every image in the galleries has the title on the image) in a box below and hit "Add to Cart".

If you want multiple prints of the same image, you can adjust the quantity on the next page. If you want prints of multiple images, just come back after you've added the first print and enter the title of the next print, Add to Cart, and so on.

For 8" x 10" Art Prints

Additional information about art prints

Title of Artwork You Want

For 11" x 14" and 13" x 19" Art Prints

Additional information about art prints

Title of Art Print You Want

$hipping will be added to each purchase in the continental United States; if you live outside of the USA, or have questions, email [email protected].

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Chad Savage on Etsy.com

If you're looking to purchase original artwork by Chad Savage, visit his Etsy Shop!

Chad Savage on Society6.com

Purchase Chad Savage's artwork on an array of products including t-shirts, phone and tablet skins, tote bags, etc. - Chad Savage on Society6.com

Chad Savage on RedBubble.com

Purchase Chad Savage's artwork on an array of products including t-shirts, phone and tablet skins, tote bags, etc. - Chad Savage on RedBubble.com

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    For my 3rd Halloween Saint, I had to go with the leader of the Autumn People himself, Mr. Dark from Ray Bradbury’s classic “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. My version of the Illustrated Man (at least in the sketch phase) inexplicably bears a resemblance to Dave Navarro (according to my wife); I also had in mind Robert DeNiro’s Louis Cypher from Angel Heart, as I’ve always felt he had a touch of Mr. Dark in him. This is actually the second full version of this drawing I wound up doing – I didn’t like the first one. Not sinister enough. Anyway, enjoy!


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