Jack O’ Lantern for October 14, 2010 : T-SHIRT!

Based on the immediate positive response to yesterday’s Jack O’ Lantern, I did an *extremely* limited run of t-shirts featuring the image. These were orange on black shirts, with a tiny Sinister Visions logo in the bottom corner. I may do a different shirt using the same design down the road, but it’ll never be exactly like this one. So the word here is EXCLUSIVE: Only 20 shirts were produced. So if you want one, grab it!

Shirts are $20.00 and we only have 3 left, size XL. Shipping is a flat $4.50 for the continental USA. If you’re outside the US, contact me about ordering shipping.

Jack of 1000 Faces T-shirt
This is a digital mock-up. Placement/color might vary *slightly* from this image, but I have faith in my printer. 🙂

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