Sinister Sonics Now Available on Multiple Music Platforms!

Sinister Sonics started out as a side project of dark artist, designer and entrepreneur Chad Savage in 2003. The Challenge: Create some sound loops that (a) would create a genuinely creepy atmosphere in a haunted house, (b) looped seamlessly and were long enough not to get repetitive, and (c) didn’t utilize the same 20 sound effects that every haunted house / Halloween tape/CD had been using for the preceding 3 decades.

Flash forward to 2020, and all 9 tracks are now available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music/iTunes, Google Play and more, just in time for October!

Sinister Sonics are audio collages that pull from a variety of sources: Sound FX, movies, TV, music, you name it. You might recognize something, but most of it has been mutated and twisted out of true.

Each track is designed to work as a self-sustaining loop that can be used in a room at a haunt or Hallowe’en party. They can also be played end-to-end to create a sort of audio journey through a nightmare soundscape.

Visit to choose the music provider of your choice, or just search “Sinister Sonics” in-app. You can even use Sinister Sonics tracks as audios on TikTok!

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