Lurker by the Lake

An experiment in painting with digital watercolor brushes and incorporating digital paper textures, this is a portrait (roughly circa F13 Part IV) of Mr. Voorhees as a specter of death. A grim creeper, if you will. Prints available at!

Lurker by the Lake

15% Off Services Sale Thru Black Friday!

Now through midnight on November 24th, get 15% off design services from Sinister Visions! Logo, t-shirts, marketing art & illustration, character art, posters, tickets, you name it!

Even if you’re not ready to move forward until 2024, this is a great way to lock in a project before things start to heat up for the 2024 season, while getting the expense on the books for 2023 (everything Sinister Visions does for your business is tax deductible)!

Email or call 916-SPO-OKY1 to discuss your design needs!

The 15% discount applies as long as a 50% deposit for the project is received before midnight on 11/24/23.

15% Off Sale

Countdown to Halloween 2022 T-Shirt

The Countdown to Halloween Blog was established in 2009 on as a way for different blog sites to share spooky season content. This year, for the first time, there’s a t-shirt for it! I designed this shirt for the 2022 season and it’s available now at – all proceeds from the sale of this design (on a variety of shirts and other fun stuff!) will go to Haunters Against Hate! 

Join the countdown at

Find out more about Haunters Against Hate at

And hey, please spread the word!

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