#MakingCreepmas 2019 Day 2: “Away In a Mangler”

  • Posted : December 2nd, 2019
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This year it looks like #Creepmas is gonna get a little weird…

Away In a Mangler

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#MakingCreepmas 2019 Day 1: “O Come All Ye Slayful”

  • Posted : December 1st, 2019
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When I was assembling this year’s #MakingCreepmas prompt list, I wound up taking Christmas Carol titles and putting spooky spins on them. Now that I’m actually trying to execute images based on them, I hope I didn’t conceptually paint myself into a corner!

This Slayful Soul represents about an hour in Procreate with the Apple Pencil 2.

O Come All Ye Slayful

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Multiple Holiday Sales Happening at ShopSinister.com NOW!

  • Posted : November 25th, 2019
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ShopSinister.com is running MULTIPLE sales for the Holidays! Need a ghoulish gift for that special spookster in your life? We’ve gotcha covered! Spooky, horror, haunt & Halloween-themed artwork, pins, patches, stickers, hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more, all created by Chad Savage!

Coupon Code BLACKEVERYDAY: Get 20% OFF ALL PURCHASES of $20 or more through 12/2!

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SCARECLOWN by Chad Savage, Now Available at ShopSinister.com!

  • Posted : October 29th, 2019
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The Scareclown will hold out both closed fists and ask you to pick one. You’d better hope you pick the Happy Jack. What happens if you pick the Sad Jack? Nobody lives long enough to say…

The original ink drawing, two art print variants (color and B&W), and a variety of shirts/hoodies/etc. are all now available at ShopSinister.com – just search “Scareclown”!

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WICKED JACK Now Available at ShopSinister.com!

  • Posted : October 23rd, 2019
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I drew this wicked jack o’ lantern a couple of years ago as part of a black & white Cult of the Great Pumpkin design; it only recently occurred to me that it’d make a cool shirt all on its own if I colored it up! Just search “Wicked Jack” (with the quotation marks) at ShopSinister.com, or click HERE!

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