#Drawlloween Day 1 / #Inktober

  • Posted : October 1st, 2015
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GhostDrawlloween Day 1

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New Painting: Wendigo

  • Posted : September 17th, 2015
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I’ve been a big fan of both Larry Fessenden and Doug Jones for a long, long time. In 2001 Fessenden released a movie called “Wendigo“; it’s a quiet, beautifully crafted, contemplative and thoroughly haunting story told from the perspective of a child, and as many of my favorite stories do, it questions the nature of monsters. Are they real, “other” things that exist at the periphery of our daily lives, or are they just people acting monstrously?

At the time I had only ever heard the word “wendigo” without really knowing what it was. Fessenden’s description and depiction of this angry Native American forest spirit gave me chills, and has informed my impression of the creature ever since.

A few years later, Mr. Fessenden re-visited the idea from an entirely different perspective in his film “The Last Winter” and again, his depiction of nature furiously retaliating against human encroachment was thought-provoking and genuinely creepy.

A few years after that, he came back to the Wendigo for his “Skin & Bones” episode of NBC’s short-lived anthology series “Fear Itself”. In my opinion, this was the best offering of the series, in no small part due to Doug Jones’ mesmerizing portrayal of a man lost in the forest for days, returning to his family possessed by a Wendigo:

Doug Jones as the Wendigo in the Skin & Bones episode of "Fear Itself"

This painting has been gestating in my subconscious for quite a while and owes its existence almost entirely to these two master storytellers, and I thank them for the inspiration!


I highly recommend seeking out both movies and the TV show mentioned here!

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The Haunt Chicago iOS App Is HERE!

  • Posted : August 12th, 2015
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The brand new, FREE HauntedHouseChicago.com app "Haunt Chicago" is NOW AVAILABLE in the iTunes store, with an Android version currently in the works! Get the Haunt Chicago app to be able to find the haunted houses closest to you in the Chicagoland area, as well as Chicagoland haunt and Halloween news, the ability to rate and review the attractions you visit and more!
Get the NEW FREE Haunt Chicago App!
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I’ll Be at Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention This Weekend

  • Posted : August 6th, 2015
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I’ll be selling art prints and representing Sinister Visions, Dark Chicago, Zombie Army Productions and HauntedHouseChicago.com this weekend at the Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention. Stop by and say hi! And remember – tell me “I believe in the Great Pumpkin” at any point during the show and receive a pre-Halloween Treat from the Cult of the Great Pumpkin!

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This Saturday at Flashback Weekend: The Tenth Annual Sinister Visions COSTUME CONTEST

  • Posted : August 5th, 2015
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Sinister Visions Costume Contest 2014
The 2014 Costume Contest Winners with Svengoolie

Join us at Flashback Weekend on Saturday August 8 4:20 pm in your favorite ghoulish costume for the Tenth Annual Sinister Visions Costume Contest and compete for fun and prizes! The contest will be hosted by Chicago Television legend SVENGOOLIE! All ages welcome!

Prizes are awarded for First, Second and Third Place, and there's a Kids Category for ages 12 & under. Winners are determined by audience applause.

Full details and additional information at FlashbackWeekend.com.

This event is sponsored by Sinister Visions inc.

THERE IS NO PRE-REGISTRATION: Contestants should start assembling outside of the room in which the event will be held (it'll be in the program at the show) starting 30 minutes prior to the event. Chad Savage will be there to direct you as necessary. Leave a Comment Go to Post...

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