SCARECLOWN by Chad Savage, Now Available at!

  • Posted : October 29th, 2019
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The Scareclown will hold out both closed fists and ask you to pick one. You’d better hope you pick the Happy Jack. What happens if you pick the Sad Jack? Nobody lives long enough to say…

The original ink drawing, two art print variants (color and B&W), and a variety of shirts/hoodies/etc. are all now available at – just search “Scareclown”!

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WICKED JACK Now Available at!

  • Posted : October 23rd, 2019
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I drew this wicked jack o’ lantern a couple of years ago as part of a black & white Cult of the Great Pumpkin design; it only recently occurred to me that it’d make a cool shirt all on its own if I colored it up! Just search “Wicked Jack” (with the quotation marks) at, or click HERE!

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HALLOWICKED – New Art, Prints & Shirts from Chad Savage

  • Posted : October 18th, 2019
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HalloWicked - Click to Shop

“HalloWicked” is now available at as art prints, a variety of different kinds of shirts, etc. ??? Drawn with actual pen & ink, colored in Procreate and inspired by a particular image from the Spanish film “The Influence”, which I highly recommend!

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Art Ghoullery: Black Cats & Vampire Bats Group Halloween Art Exhibition at the Rourke Art Gallery, Moorhead, MN

  • Posted : October 14th, 2019
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Art Ghoullery

I have several drawings on exhibit currently as part of the “Art Ghoullery: Black Cats & Vampire Bats” group art show at the Rourke Gallery + Museum, 521 Main Avenue in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The Art Ghoullery: Black Cats and Vampire Bats will be on display from October 4 through November 3 at The Rourke Art Gallery + Museum. On October 25, there will be a Masquerade Reception, where the “Best in Show” and “Audience Choice” awards will be presented. The Masquerade Reception will also feature frightening food, dreadful drinks, macabre music, and spooky puzzles provided by Puzzled Escape Rooms. 

Website –

Masquerade in the Art Ghoullery on October 25th:

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THE CHAPERONE – New Art Prints, Shirts and More from Chad Savage

  • Posted : October 9th, 2019
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The ChaperoneThe ChaperoneThe Chaperone

The kids wondered why their candy haul was so much better this year. They didn’t know they had a chaperone.

Last year I did an album cover for a Halloween sound effects album featuring a group of trick or treaters with the album’s ghoulish host character looming over them. I’ve been itching to take another run at that concept, but making it 100% my own. This is that!

The Chaperone is available at as signed & numbered art prints, a variety of shirts, a coffee mug, and you can even buy the original ink artwork – just search “Chaperone”, or click!

It kills me to have to put a text watermark over the image, but it’s the only way I can think of to prevent the ongoing image piracy I’ve been fighting lately.

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