• Posted : June 23rd, 2010

MF Gallery Presents a Gruesome Show of All New Zombie Art!
The Opening Party, Saturday June 26th (7-10pm)
will feature Zombie FX Makeovers, Free Beer for Zombies
and a performance by the Zombie Slayers, DETHRACE

MF Gallery: 213 Bond St. (b/w Butler & Baltic) Brooklyn, NY 11217 (917)446-8681 info@MFgallery.net

Let’s face it- the world has changed a lot since the first Zombie Attack on MF Gallery back in 2006. When the mighty DETHRACE helped us slay the vile creatures in the Lower East Side, we thought we had defeated the Zombie Plague, but much like cockroaches after a nuclear assault, the Zombies are still writhing in the streets! We may have won several battles, but it’s obvious that we have not yet won the war.

In hopes that we could use the fetid Gowanus canal as a barricade from a future Zombie attack, we have moved MF Gallery into the bigger and stronger “Fortress MF” in Brooklyn… But the putrid juices from the canal actually seem to be making them stronger! The Zombie Plague is not over! There is little hope left for the human race… Prepare for ZOMBIES ATTACK BROOKLYN!!!

This zombie themed art show will include pieces by: Dave Brockie, Johnny Crap, Dennis Dread, Bob Gorman, Moses Jaen, Drew Maillard, Matt Maguire, Casey Orr, Bianca Panzram, Elmer Presslee, Putrid, Pasquale Reca, Mark Riddick, Jesse Riggle, Lou Rusconi, Martina Secondo Russo, Frank Russo, Chad Savage,  Joe Simko, Heather Watts, Jeff Zornow & More.

The Opening Party, on Saturday June 26th from 7 to 10pm, will be an actual Zombie Attack!! DETHRACE will play a set of Zombie Slaying Death Metal, guaranteed to soothe the savage creeps! There will also be professional Zombie FX make up artists on hand to “Zombify” any willing guests! Admission is Free and open to all ages. Anyone (over 21) in full zombie makeup will get Free Beer all night!

“Zombies Attack Brooklyn” will be on view at MF Gallery until July 25, 2010, by appointment only. Contact Martina or Frank at (917)446-8681 or email: info@MFgallery.net to make an appointment to see the show. The zombie art will also be available for viewing and purchasing online at: www.MFgallery.net

DETHRACE is a theatrical art rock experience… Ten foot tall fiberglass super-robots play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal Music! Mecronos growls out the vocals, while Electronos shreds on electric guitar and Acronos pounds on the bass. All this is accompanied by an electronic drum track, while Necropatheos, the evil skull faced creator of the band, rocks out with the crowd.

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. Take the A to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, (Exit at Schermerhorn and Bond. Walk South on Bond for 8 blocks.) the F or G to Bergen, (Exit at Bergen and Smith, walk 2 blocks east on Bergen. Turn right on Bond. Walk south on Bond for 3 blocks.) or the R to Union. (Exit at Union and 4th ave. Walk west on Union for 3 blocks. Turn Right on Bond. Walk North on Bond for 4 blocks.)

For more information, appointments, to request high resolution images or to set up interviews, please contact Martina Secondo Russo at info@MFgallery.net or (917)446-8681.

Zombies Attack Brooklyn

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