Spooky 4 Life (Version 3) Now Available in All The Shops!

Spooky 4 Life!

Many years ago I did a SPOOKY 4 LIFE t-shirt design that just never quite printed the way I envisioned it. Years later, I updated that design, only to watch it get endlessly pirated thanks in part to its very simple, 2-color artwork.

Recently somebody sent yet another screenshot of an ad featuring that second version of the design, from yet another company pirating my work. So I figured “Hell with’em – I’ll make a better one”. This is the 3rd version of this design, now available in ALL of my web stores:

This Halloween season I’ll be updating a couple of my other older designs. 

Also, this design features the 31st Sinister Font “Grim Creeper” to be released closer to Halloween!


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