INTERVIEW : Chad Savage :

Your art work reminds me a little of Simon Bisley. What artist do you think your art reflects?

I don’t really know how to answer that – I don’t think my work reflects anybody specifically. At the very least, when I’m working on a drawing or a painting, I’m not looking to emulate anybody. I just try to get the image in my head out into the world. If it winds up resembling something else, well, that’s pure coincidence.

What makes designing fun for you?

Creative and visual problem solving. I like to figure out a way to conceptually represent the message or image my client needs to convey. I also like doing digital mashups in Photoshop – taking 100 photographic elements and combining them into something that didn’t exist before.

What compels you to create horror sites?

The need to eat! Seriously, I love horror and spooky things, and there just aren’t that many qualified design companies that specialize in dark subject matter, so I found myself a niche that I love. Simple as that.

What kind of research do you do when starting a new project?

As much as I need to do. 75% of the design work I do is for haunted attractions, which requires no research, as I live and breathe that industry 365 days a year, and have for almost a decade.

Talk about the newest work you’re currently doing?

Actually, since it’s the couple of weeks after Halloween, I’ve been working on my own websites more than anything else. Several of them desperately needed updating and, in some cases, from-the-ground-up overhauls. I’m in the process of doing that while I have a little down time.

Were you a big fan of horror stories growing up?

Yes. However, I was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist home, so I was pretty sheltered. I wasn’t really able to dive into horror until I went to College at 17; there was no turning back after that.

Who’s your favorite Horror icon?

Oh, I couldn’t possibly just pick one. I’m very partial to Clive Barkers Cenobites (and, for that matter, to Clive Barker as a writer, artist & filmmaker).

You design such great horror web sites and art do you have a favorite?

I’m not a Have Favorites kind of guy; this drives my wife crazy. She doesn’t believe it, but it’s true.

The old horror monsters or the new horror monsters, what’s your preference?

The old horror monsters duking it out with the new horror monsters – that’s my preference!

Do people look sideways at you after hearing what you do for a living?

Oddly enough, no – people are typically fascinated. It has never occurred to most people that somebody could make a living making scary art and design work for a living as a full-time job.

Who or what is your inspiration?

Artists like H. R. Giger, J. K. Potter, Joel-Peter Witkin, Clive Barker, Chet Zar, Brom, Alan M. Clark, Bernie Wrightson and a hundred others. Music. Movies. Other designers. Creative typography. Maple trees in October. My wife. Pretty much everything I experience feeds the creative brainmeats.

Do you ever scare yourself?

Nope! But I know what I’m thinking, so I can’t get the drop on me.

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