Lurker by the Lake

An experiment in painting with digital watercolor brushes and incorporating digital paper textures, this is a portrait (roughly circa F13 Part IV) of Mr. Voorhees as a specter of death. A grim creeper, if you will. Prints available at!

Lurker by the Lake

Countdown to Halloween & #Inktober, Day 5: New Font Phantom Fingers

Countdown to Halloween and #Inktober* Day 5: Phantom Fingers, another brand new FREE font!

This is the fifth of 9 new Sinister Fonts which I hand-lettered/inked over the summer and have been using in my own design work the last couple of months.

As always, this is a FREE font for personal or commercial use. Get it at, and enjoy!

Phantom Fingers

This post is part of the Countdown to Halloween and #Inktober.

*I’m considering it part of #Inktober because it’s a hand-inked font. I drew every letterform.

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