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Now through Nov. 9th, you can get $5 off + free shipping on virtually anything in my store via this link: – that includes a lot of the Halloween artwork I was posting in October, as prints, on t-shirts, shower curtains, throw pillows, mugs, hoodies, phone and laptop cases, etc.

More #InkTober and #Drawlloween Drawings

I’ve been posting these to my social media accounts and forgetting to post them here: You can get a color-enhanced version of that last one as an art print, t-shirt, hoodie, long-sleeve shirt, mug, etc. at my store:

Autumn People 3

Continuing with #InkTober and #Drawlloween, here’s the 3rd in a series of renditions of Ray Bradbury’s Autumn People without their human guises. This one was prompted by last Friday’s Drawlloween assignment: Werewolf.

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