• Posted : October 13th, 2018
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October’s been SO busy, I haven’t had time to post anything here on the ol’ website. So here’s the finished version of “31”, now available as art prints, t-shirts and whatnot at http://www.shopsinister.com!

"31" by Chad Savage

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New Artwork & Products at ShopSinister.com, Plus Halloween Sale!

  • Posted : October 6th, 2018
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Click to ShopFor every kid that ever had to go trick or treating alone, you were never really alone on Halloween!

There are 15 products with my new drawing “31” available in the shop – visit https://shopsinister.com/search?q=thirtyone to see them all, or just search “thirtyone” at ShopSinister.comPlease note that some preview images may look a little fuzzy – there’s a lot of subtle halftone/dot work in the moon and other elements that small previews just can’t render. Don’t worry – the actual printed items look great!

Then, of course, there’s the rest of ShopSinister.com, overflowing with ghastly Halloween-themed goodies, and you can get 15% off EVERYTHING (if your purchase equals $20+) with coupon code WEEN18! 

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October Drawing Challenge Day 1

  • Posted : October 2nd, 2018
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Pumpkin Head Witch

I combined the Day 1 prompts from #Drawtober (Pumpkin Head) and #mabsdrawlloweenclub (Witch) for this 1 hour late night doodle. #inktober #drawtober2018 #Inktober2018

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NEW Pins, Patches and Stickers for Lovers of Monsters and Magick

  • Posted : April 6th, 2018
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ShopSinister.com now has 4 new pins, 4 new patches and 4 new stickers for your spooky pleasure, designed and created by Chad Savage. Get’em HERE!
New Pins, Patches and Stickers at ShopSinister.com

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Get One of the Few Remaining FearWear 2018 T-Shirts While They Last!

  • Posted : April 5th, 2018
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2018 FearWear TransWorld Show Shirt

We have a FEW of the 2018 FearWear t-shirts left over from TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! If you missed’em, you can get’em at https://squareup.com/store/fearwear while supplies last!

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